HVAC / Small-Duct Central Heating & Air Conditioning

Little or No Remodeling Needed

The Unico System fits where conventional cooling and heating systems can't - with little or no remodeling required! The modular air handlers and coils can be installed easily into attics, ceilings, crawlspaces and closets. The flexible small-ducts can be routed through existing ceiling, floor and wall cavities, eliminating the need for unsightly and noisy metal ductwork.

Typical ductwork layouts showing 2 Unico Systems - one located in the attic and one located in the basement. Sound-dampening, flexible supply tubes deliver draft-free heating and cooling.

Draft-Free, Even Temperatures Throughout Any Room

Conventional systems simply dump conditioned air into a room, causing uncomfortable drafts and hot and cold spots.

The Unico System gently circulates air throughout each room, eliminating drafts and providing even temperatures from ceiling to floor.

The Unico System removes 30% more moisture from your home than conventional systems, actually lowering the humidity while keeping you more comfortable at higher thermostat settings.

Matches Any Decor

Outlets in the Unico System are small, subtle and blend into any decor. For the look that best suits your needs, a variety of styles and finishes are available. Choose from white or black plastic, chrome, brass and several wood species - or simply paint or stain the outlets to perfectly match your room.

5" Outer Diameter Plastic Outlet for Ceiling Applications (Available in white, black, brass or chrome finishes)

5" Outer Diameter Wood Outlet for Hardwood Floor Applications (Available in a variety of wood species)

15 and 25 Angled Outlets for Sloped Ceilings and Walls

1/2" x 8" Slotted Outlet for Sidewall Applications (Available in a variety of finishes and wood species)

All Across the Country

Homeowners, business owners and commercial operations are enjoying the high performance and superior comfort of the Unico System. No matter when you home or building was built, or what its physical configuration, installing the Unico System is always a possibility - without compromising design or architectural integrity.

Known by the Company We Keep

Unico, Inc.'s partnerships with the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the American Institute of Architects and the Royal Institute of British Architects demonstrate its commitment to quality and providing the very best products available for indoor comfort.